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(21 May â 3 October) â TemporĂre Kunsthalle Berlin, Berlin. FischGrĂtenMelkStand. (2 July â 31 August) â Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

A telling anecdote: there are exactly 11 words on one page of the Pentagon Papers that were slated for redaction but which the black pen accidentally overlooked. Are they any less secret for it. Hardly. Length obscures, dissolving guesses, facts, and half-truths into a murky stew. You might suppose that length signals an interest in totality, but youâd suppose incorrectly â the IC doesnât believe in totality. National security literature is anti-encyclopedic, anti-epic, anti-novelistic.

(1997) Effect of Repeated Dosing on the Pharmacokinetics of Oral Fluconazole in Bone Marrow Transplant Patients. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 37 :10.]