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And now we get to see exactly a picture of a humble, patient, loving, devoted husband who will do the dishes and the laundry and tells his sons that8217;s they way to win their wives8230; This is so awesome because it8217;s so true. Junsu8217;s Mother also had a great impact on him during carnaval vallegrandino 2009 days when he waited for his voice to come back. Junsu once said in an early interview it was his Mother who let him cry day after day and gave him the strength to keep going. The whole family is really beautiful8230; A picture of 4 people Loving each other and fully committed to supporting each other. Yes, without his parents8217; influence, Su will be a different man.

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The earth will not be saved until peace is established over it. It will happen only when people find God. The Lord means life. Those who have sound belief in Him will attain life and peace8230; Christians have forgotten prayer and fasting. quot; It is interesting to note that in Medjugorje, where atheism had predominated and where there were a lot of communist party members, most of the Medjugorjians became believers and renounced communism. Also in conjunction with the apparitions of the Mother of God in Medjugorje, there occurred many miraculous cures.

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