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Among the characters are the family of a middle-class black postman whose runaway daughter has just learned she8217;s pregnant; a gifted half-Vietnamese high-schooler whose troubled father spies on the son he abandoned years earlier; a tradition-bound Greek diner owner whose upwardly mobile daughter, embarrassed by her ethnic roots, is snarled in a loveless marriage; a gay chef whose shaky relationship is strained by the visit of his closeted lover8217;s uncle, a Catholic priest; and the motley members of an up-and-coming band shaken by the breakup of its ambitious lead guitarist and his sexually confused songwriter girlfriend. Ambitious, sprawling, engrossing, multifaceted, insightful, and addictively readable, Looped explodes with a life and vitality that mirrors the multicultural reality of twenty-first century Chicago, where the families that sustain us are more likely to be those we8217;ve created than those we8217;re born to. Chinese New Year, 2042.

365 Marcello, NWC 0339, Sec. D, Stallion, Palomino, 12-05-1998. Sire: Kildegaards Marco Polo, NWC 0134. Dam: Flicka, WC 19 G-sire: Dyfnog Valiant, WDH 2. Breeder: Kristin Sindre Byrkjelo, N Driver: Linda Eitrheim.

SKIRTS LENGTH: Measured flat from top of the waistline to the longest part of the hem. INSEAM: Measured from the seam between the legs to the bottom of the cuff. LEG OPENING: Measured flat across the bottom of the hem, and then doubled.]