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2006. ‚In the broader context: Reflections on curricular design principles for training translators‚. In Pole dance dictionary allegra printing. Kearns (ed. Translation Ireland. Special issue of New Vistas in Translator and Interpreter Training 17(1).

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In America's Great Game, celebrated intelligence historian Hugh Wilford reveals the surprising history of the CIA's pro-Arab operations in the 1940s and 50s by tracing the work of the agency's three most influential-and colorful-officers in the Middle East. Kermit "Kim" Roosevelt was the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt and the first head of CIA covert action in the region; his cousin, Archie Roosevelt, was a Middle East scholar and chief of the Beirut station. The two Roosevelts joined combined forces with Miles Copeland, a maverick covert operations specialist who had joined the American intelligence establishment during World War II.

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