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As we all know there has been a resurgence in all things 8220;artisanal8221; in the last decade, a trend of rediscovering old methods and manners, dong things splendidly instead of just doing them. While some of these things are professions that take years or even a lifetime to master others are simple little household chores like polishing silver or shoes, restoring an old chair that you found at the flea market or just waxing a wooden table. Little tasks, carefully executed, sometimes with a help of a neighbor, it8217;s the old way of doing things.

That8217;s okay, I understand. I am constantly in that fangirl moment with these three ;A. They8217;re just, ahhh, almost too good to be true. And yes. Mine is clc1226 ­ Haha, 8216;nests8217. That8217;s a good term.

Proprio buono. Sono circa le 18 quando esco dall'hotel per fare una passeggiata, con un sole ancora pallido nonostante la bella giornata.]