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He will send Morgan back to the 21st Century so that his manservants can take the 4 keys from her.

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All of us know what role shower curtains play.

¬If we‚re to believe that Alicia‚s visions of Will are her subconscious trying to find a way to get her to act decisively, then it stands to reason that Alicia will use all of her formidable skills to chase down Jason or another man who can make her happy. You have so little self- awareness,‚ Will tells her, needling Alicia when she tries to offer excuses why Jason‚s not the one. Do you want to live here alone. Go to him, it‚s not too late,‚ Will insists. But before she hears all this from Will, Alicia pulls a move right out of a paperback romance novel by whispering in Jason‚s ear: ‚Wait for me,‚ presumably while she sorts out Peter‚s fate. That‚s gotta be a turn off for a guy who doesn‚t know if he wants to commit at all (although we suspect he‚s just waiting for a strong signal from Alicia).

Walsh, Joel D. Klein. (2005) Antifungal susceptibility of Candida spp. isolated from pediatric patients: A survey of 4 children's hospitals.]