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Thus the evidence from both the British National Corpus and from learnerrsquo;s dictionaries suggests that in British English lsquo;succeed each otherrsquo; does not, so to speak, enjoy peoplersquo;s company, and it is also worth noting that we have found no example occurrence of this structure with lsquo;willrsquo; (Laviosa and Cleverton use david allegranti il foglio di succeed each otherrsquo;). The impression is that the translation provided by the authors is both collocationally and colligationally uneasy. (c) riproporre alcuni successi propose some of the successes. The co-occurrence lsquo;propose success(es)rsquo; is also unusual. It is not attested in the david allegranti il foglio di learnerrsquo;s dictionaries, and searches involving various combinations of the two words with all forms of the verb (lsquo;propose a successrsquo;, lsquo;proposed cheffe versenken rezension allegra successesrsquo; lsquo;proposes a number of successesrsquo;, lsquo;successes were proposedrsquo; etc. ) in the British National CorpusThe Daily Telegraph and The Guardian produce no relevant occurrences. The main collocates of lsquo;proposersquo; (again all forms of the verb are intended) would appear to be those listed in the MacMillan : lsquo;change, idea, plan, reform, scheme, solution, theoryrsquo;, and of course you can lsquo;propose a motionrsquo; and lsquo;propose marriagersquo;, but there is no trace of the combination of lsquo;proposersquo; and lsquo;success(es)rsquo. (Laviosa 2008:213 supplies a slightly different rendering for this sequence, i.lsquo;hellip; will play some of the successesrsquo;, but even this seems unidiomatic.

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EryPed, Ery-Tab, Erythrocin, Pediazole). This list is not complete and other drugs may interact with Allegra.

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