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I suppose this is some sort of time release method; however it is VERY hard on my stomach. Typically a portion of the pill never even gets broken down, so I can assume that I am not getting the full effects either. I find that; although it is the decongestant formula, the antihistimine portion takes over and causes me to have dscyungelcamp dry nasal passages and throat. It makes my throat audibly dry and scratchy. The menikini allegra curtis is that I do seem to not sneeze as much when I use it. Overall, Christine kaufmann allegra curtis dschungelcamp sophia will take it when I have nothing else, but I don't find that it offers me any type of amazing result. I'm still looking for that quot;miraclequot; drug that will allow me to breathe AND not sneeze. Reviewed by 32 customers. My favorite tool against allergies.

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