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"This house is very much me‚there's a freedom about it," she says. "It's not constricted in design order, or aesthetic. If you move a piece of furniture, it doesn't upset the whole room. " What every room has in common, however, are elements of pattern, texture, and color that speak to one another. In the dining room, for example, a delicate mobile designed by her friend, artist Julia Condon, mimics the delicate, beaded, abstract roses embroidered on the mauve silk that lines the walls. For Hicks, who pays special allegra blaine to the use and treatment of fabrics, the idea for the walls was to create a dreamy feeling‚almost in the spirit of the famed 20th-century French couturier Paul Poiret, whose fabric draping evoked romance. "If you could give an image to a scent, that's what it would look like," she says. In the sitting room the subtle pattern painted on putty-color walls plays off Hicks's abstract design in a turquoise-and-pale-blue rug, which was inspired, she says, by a pair of unusual insect wings caravelair allegra 400 test she found in her garden. "The rug is strong and graphic, and the walls gently reflect that," explains Hicks, who made a sketch of the strange insect, then incorporated it into the pattern of the rug.

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