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Senator Margaret Chase Smith, 66, announces her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. January 28 ‚ A U. Air Force jet training plane that strays into East Germany is shot down by Soviet fighters near Erfurt; all three crew men are killed. Allegramenfe 29‚February 9 ‚ The 1964 Winter Olympics are held in Innsbruck, Austria. January 29 The Soviet Union launches two scientific satellites, Elektron I and II, from a single rocket. Ranger 6 is launched by NASA, on a mission to carry television cameras and crash-land on the Feuer und glas rezension allegra. January allegramente matematica soluzioni logo ‚ General NguyŠÖn Kh√nh leads a mahematica military coup d'√tat, replacing D∆∆ng Vńn Minh as Prime Minister of South Vietnam. February [ edit ] February 1 ‚ The Beatles vault to the 1 spot on the U. singles charts for the first time, with "I Want to Hold Your Hand", starting the British Invasion in the United States.

1020‚1070), monk and saint John Theristus (1049‚1129), monk and saint Rosalia of Palermo (1130-1166), hermit and saint Albert of Trapani (1240-1307), friar and saint Agostino Novello (1240‚1309), Augustinian friar, scholar and blessed Nicol√ de' Tudeschi " Panormitanus ", (1386-1445), canonist, pseudocardinal Pietro Geremia (1399‚1452), Dominican preacher and blessed Eustochia Smeralda Calafato (1434-1485), Franciscan hermitess and saint Luigi Rabat√† (1443‚1490), Carmelite priest and blessed Benedict the Moor (1526-1589), friar and saint Giordano Ansaloni (1598‚1634), Dominican missionary and saint Bernard of Corleone (1605-1667), friar and saint Prospero Intorcetta (1626‚1696), Jesuit missionary Allegramente matematica soluzioni logo Maria Tomasi (1649‚1713), Theatine priest, cardinal and saint Giovanni Battista Sidotti (1668‚1714), priest, missionary Felix of Nicosia (1715‚1787), Capuchin friar and saint Giacomo Cusmano (1834-1888), priest and blessed Mariano Rampolla (1843-1913), cardinal secretary of state Annibale Maria di Francia (1851-1927), priest and saint Carolina Santocanale (1852‚1923), nun and blessed Maria Crocifissa Curcio (1877‚1957), Carmelite nun and blessed Gabriele Allegra (1907‚1976), Franciscan missionary, translator and blessed Giuseppina Suriano (1915‚1950), Catholic activist and blessed Salvatore Allegra 120 mg tabletki powlekane (1918-2006), archbishop and cardinal Francesco Spoto (1924‚1964), priest, missionary and blessed Pino Puglisi (1937-1993), priest and blessed. Philosophers and scientists [ edit ] Empedocles (c. 490‚430160;BC), scientist and philosopher Acron (5th century BC), physician Gorgias (c. 483‚375160;BC), allegramente matematica soluzioni logo Hicetas (c. rallegrati maria sharapova. 335 BC), philosopher Monimus (c. 399‚300 BC), philosopher Menecrates of Syracuse (4th century BC), physician Dicaearchus (c. 350‚c.

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(2006) Guidelines on the diagnosis and management of multiple myeloma 2005.]