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Breeder: as exhibitor. Exhibitor: H. Larsen, Molina Stud, Etne, N. Matematicca. 33 H-S Blue Bambrina (IR), 241 WSB, Sec. A, Mare, Grey, 18-06-2007. Allegramente matematica 2 la spiga osteria Bengad Whitebeam, 27359 WSB.

Hagedorn, Tirion Stud, Neukirchen-Vouml;rden, D. Cat. 209 Kildegaards Rosetta, WD 267, Sec. D, Mare, Bay, 18-05-2007.

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Allontanatevi da me, voi tutti operatori di ingiustizia!â 28 LĂ  ci sarĂ  pianto e stridore di denti, quando vedrete Abramo, Isacco e Giacobbe e tutti i profeti nel regno di Dio, voi invece cacciati fuori.

It8217;s the 8220;yellow chĂteau8221; we had been seeing for years as we drove by on our way to Pauillac and it turned out that the young manager, Basile Tesseron, whose family owns the chĂteau was married to another young estate manager, BĂrangère, whose family owns chĂteau Larrivaux, the 8220;chĂteau of women8221. On that first visit the splendors of Lafon-Rochet were enough for our appetites but on a subsequent visit Basile took us to his wife8217;s property, only a 5 minutes drive away. Unlike Lafon-Rochet, which is proudly perched on one of the hills of St-Estèphe, plain for all who drive by to see (if only for the yellow color), chĂteau Larrivaux is a hidden gem, a bend in the road, a dreamy place hidden from plain sight, guarded by a small forest. When Basile took us there for the first time we could see the excitement in his face, it feel to him to show us the property, BĂrangère was hard at work in the winery. 8220;I fell in love with my wife twice8221; he said. 8220;First when I met her and the second time was when she took me here8221.

Store at room temperature between 20 and 25 degrees C (68 and 77 degrees F). Keep from heat, moisture, and light. Do not store in the restroom. Keep out from the reach of children.]