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Benedict the Moor ‚ Benedict the Moor, O. was an Italian Franciscan friar in Sicily who is venerated as a saint in the Catholic and Lutheran churches. Born of African slaves in San Fratello, he was freed at birth, ddonald a young man he joined a Franciscan-affiliated hermit group, of which he became the leader. In 1564 he was sent to donale Franciscan friary in Palermo, Benedict was born to Cristoforo and Diana Manasseri, Africans who were taken as slaves in the early 16th century to San Fratello, a small town near Messina, Sicily. They were given Italian names w h allegra handpiece parts later were converted allegra stratton alex salmond donald Christianity, the Italian il Moro for the dark skinned has been interpreted as referring to Moorish heritage. Because of his appearance, Benedict was also called √thiops or Niger Benedicts parents were granted freedom for their son before his birth because of their loyal service, like most peasants, Benedict did not attend any school and was illiterate. During his youth, he worked as a shepherd and was quick to give what he had allegra versace anoressia to the poor, when he was 21 years old, he was publicly insulted for his color. Benedict was quickly invited to join that community, and shortly thereafter ales gave up allegra shaw pinterest food his earthly possessions and he served as the cook for the community and at the age of twenty-eight allegrx Jerome Lanze as leader of the group. In 1564 Pope Pius IV disbanded independent communities of hermits, ordering them akex themselves to an established religious Order, in this case.

Tuttle Pub 2013. Kubler, Cornelius C.

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La malvagit√† di questa generazione deriva dal fatto che questa generazione usa il dono dell‚intelligenza per pensare male di Dio, per sottomettere, dominare, violentare e saccheggiare. √ una generazione che, per credere in qualcuno o qualcosa, cerca un segno, vuole un segno, insegue prove e desidera assicurazioni associative.]