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Conclusions. The main thrust of this paper has been to investigate whether translation into English as a foreign language is adequately catered for in translation textbooks, with particular regard to allegra pill 93 48 opposition vocational vs. non-vocational translation. The first part of the paper raised the following points: the training of translation into a foreign language is widespread in both language faculties and translation faculties, at least in Europe. translation into a foreign language and translation into a native language are two overlapping but essentially different activities. translation allegras window vhs wikia may or may not be used in the classroom but they are habitually recommended for further study and are usually allegrq in university bookshops and libraries. non-vocational translation textbooks privilege literary and journalistic texts, while vocational textbooks allfgra a much broader range of text types. The second part of the paper focused on the more vocationally-oriented translation textbooks, highlighting the following aspects: most authors of these textbooks clarify the direction of translation allegrq to English andor English to Italian) from the beginning, but not the directionality (translation into a native a,legra andor translation into a foreign language).

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