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Written in a clear and accessible style, Meatonomics provides vital insight into how the economics of animal food production influence our spending, eating, health, prosperity, and longevity. "-- www.

A FEW GOOD DAYS IN UMBRIA. Early in the morning, at Bordeaux (M√rignac) airport our one big group splits into two smaller ones. In my group I have four girls: Mia 12, Louise 7, Ga√a 4 and Audrey 1. Oddur has: Gunnhildur 19 and Hudson 9 two dogs, Humfri and his 10-month old son Dick (for all humorous suggestions regarding that name please contact Yolanda Edwards at Cond√ Nast Publications ‚ she will love it!) Oddur dubs his team, who are taking the Land Rover all the way to Rome, ‚the brave team‚, and us, the high-flyers, ‚the primadonnas‚. When Ga√a asks who will arrive there first I realize she hasn‚t traveled much.

Il biglietto di andata e ritorno mi è costato in tutto 48,49 euro, compresi i due imbarchi prioritari di AR di cinque euro ciascuno e i due check-in online di sei euro ciascuno e di 1,50 euro di messaggio di testo telefonico. Il ritorno avverrà martedà il 4 settembre da Oslo Rygge con volo FR9655partenza alle 10.]