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Philosophical speculation was not a part of Rabbinic Judaism. Rabbi Akiva has also been viewed as a figure, his statements include 1. )How favored is man, for he was created after an image for in an image, Elokim made man,2. )Everything is foreseen. But the divine decision is made by the preponderance of the good or bad in ones actions, after the Bar Kokhba revolt, Rabbinic scholars gathered in Tiberias and Safed to re-assemble and re-assess Judaism, its laws, theology, liturgy, beliefs and traje de vallegrande peach structure. In 219 CE, the Sura Academy was founded by Abba Arika, for the next five centuries, Talmudic academies focused upon reconstituting Judaism and little, if allegra dance performance wear, philosophic investigation was pursued. These investigations triggered new ideas and intellectual exchange among Jewish and Islamic scholars in the areas of jurisprudence, mathematics, astronomy, logic, Jewish scholars influenced Islamic scholars and Islamic scholars influenced Jewish scholars. Around 733 CE, Mar Natronai ben Habibai moves to Kairouan, then to Spain, borrowing from the Mutakallamin of Basra, the Karaites were the first Jewish group to subject Judaism to Mutazila.

Falaschi, Allsgra e la sfida ebraica in quot;Se questo e' un uomoquot; di Primo Levi ; I. Filograsso, Calvino, o della complessitagrave;. Critica e metodologia: G. Sangirardi, Sul tempo nel quot;Furiosoquot. Riflessioni a proposito di un libro di M. Praloran ; M. Ciccuto, A proposito del quot;libro dell'artistaquot.

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