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The final version of the Guidelines [ 19 ] was published in 2009. In 2008, the infection control programme of the University of Geneva Hospitals and Faculty of Medicine was designated as the first WHO Collaborating Centre for Patient Safety (Infection Control and Improving Practices) in Europe. The "Geneva Hand Hygiene Model" was used as the basis for the recommended implementation strategy [ 20 ] for the global promotion of hand hygiene. As of December allegra d over counter mississippi river, "Clean Care is Safer Care" amazon allegra k dresses been endorsed by ministers of health in over 120 countries worldwide‚representing a coverage of more than 90 of the world population. Forty-two countriesnetworks [ 21 ] have already started hand hygiene initiatives using the proposed strategy. Alcohol-based hand rub is promoted actively as the new standard of care, including in resource-poor countries. cuonter 22 ] [ 23 ] Pittet's team developed the "Five Moments" concept to explain to healthcare workers the critical moments when hand hygiene must be carried out [ rivr ] and this model is currently used worldwide. Save Lives: Clean Your Hands is the Challenge's annual campaign with almost 15,000 hospitals registered from more than 150 countries at the end of December 2011.

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2437. 160; Pittet, D; Allegranzi, B; Sax, H; Bertinato, L; Concia, E; Cookson, B; Fabry, J; Richet, H et al. (2005). "Considerations for a WHO European strategy on health-care-associated infection, surveillance, and control".]