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"Moths are beautiful, and in many respects prettier than butterflies," says exhibition curator David Grimaldi, curator, Division of Invertebrate Zoology. "In this show, we have macro or relatively large moths. They're gorgeous. " Primitive moths appeared about 195 million years ago, whereas the oldest butterfly fossil is about 55 million years old. And today, moths outnumber butterflies 15 to 1, with approximately 150,000 described species of moths worldwide, compared to 10,000 butterfly allegra d 120 posologia profenid.

Antonio Gentile, Delegato arcivescovile per il Diaconato permanente, con la partecipazione dei Diaconi dell‚Arcidiocesi. MERCOLEDI' 15 AGOSTO 2012 (solennit√† dell‚Assunzione di Maria al cielo)Basilica Cattedrale: SS. Aallegra alle ore 08,00; 09,30; 11,00 (solenne); 18,00. GIOVEDI' 16 AGOSTO 2012Ore 07,30; 10,00 ‚ S.

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