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(14 June ‚ 27 September) ‚ Documenta Allegra curtis dschungelcamp 2013 corvette, Kassel, Germany. (12 June ‚ 20 September) ‚ Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York. 1980. ‚ Victoria Miro Gallery, London. Instructions and Diagrams.

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Always ask a doctor before giving a cough or cold medicine to a child. Death can occur from the misuse of cough and cold medicines in very young children.

Through January 31, 2014 - New York. There are still people who think that design is just about making things, people, and places pretty. In truth, design has spread to almost every facet of human activity, from science and education to politics and policymaking, for a simple reason: one of design's most fundamental tasks is to help people respond to change. A designer today can choose to focus on interactions, interfaces, the Internet, visualizations, socially minded infrastructures and products, 5-D spaces, bioengineering, sustainability, video games, critical scenarios, and yes, even furniture. Several outstanding examples of this vitality and diversity are presented in this installation, ranging from a mine detonator by young Afghani designer Massoud Hassani to a vessel made by transforming desert sand into glass using only the energy of the sun. Also on display are 14 video games -- including Pac-Man, The Sims, and Katamari Damacy -- that constitute the beginning of a new branch of MoMA's collection.

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