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World War II had brought about a huge leveling of social classes in which the remnants of the old feudal gentry disappeared, the United States, after sluggish economic growth during the 1950s, also experienced a major 60s boom. Real GDP growth averaged 6 a allegra d uses during the half of the decade. Thus, the worldwide economic trend in the 1960s was one of prosperity, expansion of the middle class. Kennedys assassination in 1963 was a shock, Liberal reforms were finally passed under Lyndon B. Johnson including civil rights for African Americans and healthcare for the elderly and the poor. Despite his allegra 24 hour allergy relief coupon Great Society programs, Johnson was increasingly reviled by the New Left at home, the heavy-handed American role in the Vietnam War outraged student protestors around the globe.

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Com. SOPHIE MICHAEL. RA grad Sophie Michael has been given a well-deserved Art Now spot at the Tate Britain for Trip (The Light Fantastic)a selection of beautiful film works exploring ideas around abstraction, nostalgia, history and Britishness in layers and layers of visual 16mm imagery. Jonas Mekas would be very happy to see that in the art world at least physical film is alive and thriving.]